Do you still enjoy working remotely?

I do. As a virtual assistant, I prefer it to being in the office. It allows me to serve my clients more efficiently:

✅ Work for international clients.
✅ Focus fully on each client.
✅ Avoid distractions from others.
✅ More time available as there is no commuting.

Ultimately, I can serve more clients than if I had to travel between their offices.

However, there may be occasions when a physical presence is required, such as

👉 Events where I need to manage the on-site organisation.
👉 Trade shows to manage my client’s appointments.
👉 Off-site meetings to take minutes.
👉 Interim assignments where my client requires my on-site presence.

These are just a few examples of where I like to work onsite.

Hence, virtual does not necessarily mean that I only work remotely. It can also be onsite or in a hybrid way.

Is there anything I can do for you? Then let’s get in touch to see how I can best support you and your business.