Who I Am

I love my profession and my profession is my passion.

After finishing my degree as translator and interpeter, I could not yet envisage how much I would love to be a management support professional.

After having worked for some time in the translation business, I reconsidered my professional career and started as a C-level management support professional. Servicing and supporting C-level managers immediately made me feel at home giving me much more satisfaction.  This was over 25 years ago and I am still absolutely passionate about it.

Understanding myself as an independent advisor to my Executive, I enabled the day-to-day business routines and projects to allow my Executive together with his management team to achieve the business goals. Being an integral part of the management team, I contributed to the development of the business strategy, business planning and also the decision taking.

During the pandemic, we all had to rethink our up to then ways of working. In the beginning we all struggled with working remotely, all alone from home. In the end, however, it turned out how efficient and successful it can be when working together remotely, also and especially for the management support professionals. And this was also a turning point for my professional career: I started questioning the status quo and asking myself how do I want to work in future. And again a change in my career started to emerge: my own company ‘Strictly Business’  offering premium management support services as an independent entrepreneur virtually or onsite using my broad skill set and long-lasting experience for the benefit of my clients.

I hold a degree as Translator and Interpreter for Spanish and French and have successfully completed a MBA Essentials online certification course.

My Professional Networks

Not only working in my profession but also working for my profession is close to my heart. Supporting one another and learning from each other is the best foundation for developing yourself and your professional skills.

Therefore, I was looking for a network of peers and became a member of IMA – International Management Assistants. Very soon I took over board functions firstly on national level and then on international level. In total I served for 10 years as National and then Executive Treasurer. A major milestone during my term of office was the renaming and rebranding of the association from EUMA to IMA – International Management Assistants. After stepping down, I supported the Executive Committee in finalizing the rebranding and in taking the project lead for the International Annual Conference 2018 in Frankfurt and the World Administrators Summit 2018. In the meantime I enjoy being a regular member learning and developing further and networking with my peers digitally or face-to-face.

Being the convenor of the World Administrators Summit led me to my current voluntary assignment: Finance Officer of the World Administrators Alliance, the formal body of the World Administrators Summit, a biennial meeting for representatives of professional associations and experts who discuss topics relevant to the profession. Our mission is to guide, develop, influence and elevate the administrative profession. One of our major reports is the Global Skills Matrix, a ground breaking document and guide for the career path of the administrative profession  – not only for the management support professionals, but also for their managers, HR business partner, recruiters and trainers.



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