This is what my client wrote at the end of her email to me.

She is a solopreneur and used to do everything herself.

However, she is not happy because
⛔ Her client certifications always have mistakes.
⛔ She forgets to update her clients’ details.
⛔ She forgets to update the fees on the invoices.
⛔ She spends too much time searching for client information.

My suggestion to her: Let’s collect all the client data in an Excel file.

We will use this file as a database for your
– Certification letters.
– Invoices.

Both documents will be set up as serial letters.

This week I introduced her to the serial letter and explained how it will work in the future:
✅ Only the Excel file needs to be kept up to date.
✅ The client-specific data in the documents will be updated automatically.

After our meeting, she sent me this email: 
“Thank you for this great input. I look forward to the serial letters. 
P.S. I am so glad we found each other”.

Would you like to manage your business more efficiently?