Can a virtual assistant replace a permanent assistant?

Some people think that it is not possible, because being in the same company for many years gives you the advantage of knowing
👉 The people and relevant stakeholders.
👉 The business and the industry.
👉 The processes and procedures.

In short, you know everything about the company.

Years ago I thought the same. 

Then I talked to my VA colleagues in my network. They explained
👉 How they worked.
👉 What services they provide to their clients.

And it is a completely different story, which I can now fully confirm.

Virtual assistants are hired for several scenarios:

1️⃣ On an interim basis to cover urgent tasks while the permanent assistant is away or until the new hire is on board.
2️⃣ On a project basis with a specific scope and timeframe.
3️⃣ On a long-term basis to help run the business.

You might be thinking: why should companies work with a virtual assistant if they want a long-term relationship?

Because they get the benefits of a permanent employee:
✅ Deep knowledge of the business.
✅ Efficiency and optimisation.
✅ Continuity.
✅ Trust.

And the benefits of a virtual assistant:
✅ No idle time.
✅ Full working time flexibility.
✅ Complete adaptability to business needs.
✅ No costs for holiday pay, social security, taxes, etc.

This is particularly interesting for start-ups and small businesses that cannot afford a full-time, permanent assistant.


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