Says Sophie Bertin, CEO and founder of Serapy AG, who I am helping to build her start-up. Serapy has developed a cool gamification platform that offers customised compliance trainings that are fun.

We have been working together for a year now and I thought it was time to reflect on our collaboration. So I asked her 3 questions. This is what she said:

1) Why did you decide to hire a virtual assistant?

“In my previous corporate jobs, my assistant was based in the office. However, as I travelled a lot, it was already a de facto ‘virtual assistant relationship’. 

Now we are working more remotely and I am also travelling a lot to develop the business. So it makes a lot of sense for me to have a virtual assistant.” 

2) What aspects of our collaboration do you find most valuable and beneficial to the success of your start-up?

“Your experience is the most valuable part. 

A start-up needs excellent support.  For me, this is even more necessary than in an established company where processes and teams are in place. 

The founders need this support so that they can 
✅ Focus on developing the business and the team.
✅ Rely on someone with experience to take care of all the administrative processes.” 

3) Have you noticed any changes in your overall productivity or efficiency as a result of our working together? If so, can you give examples?

I have indeed. For example, you have taken over
✅ The management of all leads and contacts. 
✅ The organisation of meetings. 
✅ Organising and filing emails and documents. 

This allows me to concentrate on developing and growing the business. 
It gives me peace of mind that the rest is working. 

For me, and for the benefit of both parties, it is essential to have 
✅ Trust.
✅ Being able to delegate.

This is also something that start-up founders have to overcome, because sometimes we tend to want to control everything. 

But when the support comes from an experienced person like Ursula, it is so much easier!”

Thank you, Sophie. I am happy to be of value to you and your business. I look forward to what lies ahead.

By the way: In the picture you can see Sophie in Lisbon talking about the importance of good compliance trainings and how Serapy’s gamified solutions help to implement it.

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